Engine servicing

For maximum safety and longevity of your vessel, it is essential that the maintenance and possible repairs of the engine and equipment comply with the specific program of the respective manufacturer. As an authorized dealer for MAN, Mariner, Mercury Mercruiser, Volvo Penta and Yanmar, we can easily put together with you the best maintenance plan for your boat. Planning ahead is financially advantageous and greatly reduces the likelyhood of the boat having to undergo maintenance, thus providing you with longer periods at sea.

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Generator servicing

A smooth running generator will enable your entire range of electrical and electronic equipment to work flawlessly thus ensuring a... | Ler mais »

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Air conditioning servicing

The climatization system allows you to enjoy a controlled atmosphere temperature all year round and is fully adapted to the... | Ler mais »

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Antifouling (antivegetative) prevents the growth of slime, barnacles and algae thus offering greater speed and less fuel consumption. An antiosmosis treatment... | Ler mais »

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Carpentry and wood care

Wood is a natural element frequently used in nautical recreational activities. However, the maintenance of this material requires special attention... | Ler mais »

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Fibreglass is the most commonly used material in building boats for recreational purposes these days. Despite its obvious advantages, experience... | Ler mais »

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Assistance Contract – Gardienage

If you prefer, you may choose to have an annual or monthly assistance contract and this way you will always... | Ler mais »

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Boat Transportation

Wavetech can transport your boat to and from your chosen destination, take it to your holiday spot and bring it... | Ler mais »

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Marine electronics and electricity

Choosing electronic equipment is undoubtedly the most important decision to make after buying your boat. The performance, safety and dimensions... | Ler mais »

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